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Will 3M VHB tape hold up to the harsh marine environment? Is it strong enough?

Yes and Yes! 

3M VHB tape has been around since the 1980’s.  VHB means “Very High Bond” – it was developed as an alternative to mechanical fasteners.  There are many different types of VHB tape—each intended for a different substrate/application.

Seaworthy Innovations uses a special type of VHB tape that is intended for use on gel-coat, aluminum, stainless steel, and epoxy paint.  The tape has passed a strength test after a 10 year submersion in salt water.  The tape has also proven itself for multiple seasons on Seaworthy Innovation’s test boats. 

VHB Tape Report.jpg

The smallest sized stern pad’s bond is so strong it can actually pull up a 200lb water-skier (Do not attempt- for demonstration only!). The material of the Stern Pad itself is a proprietary synthetic plastic. It was selected specifically for the marine environment and for use with 3M VHB tape. Many polymers will not bond with VHB due to the gradual release of plasticizers.

Watch demo and test videos online:


***Please read and follow the supplied directions. The bonding surface must be cleaned and prepped prior to installation!***



What sets the Stern Pad apart from the competitors?

  • Price – The Stern Pad is the least expensive screw-less transducer mounting kit on the market

  • Ease of installation – No messy epoxies or drills (pilot holes) are needed

  • Cable clips – we are the only mount that also allows you to secure the cable