The surface mount flapper valve scupper has remained unchanged for decades--it finally has been improved!  The EZ-Scupper utilizes 3M VHB tape to adhere to the hull without the use of screws.  The rubber flapper is held in with a deep retaining groove feature allowing for easy flapper replacement in seconds!

The EZ-Scupper has some major advantages over traditional surface mount scuppers:

  • Eliminates 4 screw holes per scupper (8-24 transom holes per boat!) -- a common source of hull leaks which cause transom rot and de-lamination, potentially saving thousands in repair costs

  • Significantly reduced install time (no drilling screw holes or working with messy sealants)

  • Reduced install costs (no stainless steel screws or sealants needed)

  • Quick/easy/cheap maintenance -- the rubber flapper can be replaced in seconds without removing the scupper frame and resealing the screws. Most boat owners put off replacing degraded flappers because they are such a hassle to replace!

  • The only surface mount scupper available in polished 316 stainless

  • The only surface mount scupper without visible fasteners


Additional Info:

The EZ Scupper can replace traditional flapper scuppers without using sealant to re-sealing the screw holes left from the traditional scupper.  The VHB tape creates a water-tight seal. 

Testing has revealed no apparent degradation of any VHB Tape when exposed to splash testing of most common solvents, including water, petrol, white spirits, motor oil, ammonia cleaner, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and isopropyl alcohol. (3M Publication)

Also available in white marine grade plastic

VHB tape has passed a 10+ year saltwater submersion test (conducted by 3M) 

Patent Pending

This scupper is intended for transom mount applications only

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